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April 2014.

I have noticed recently that volcanic stress lines are re appearing around Wollumbin mountain. I drove through one betweenTweed Heads and Murwillumbah on April 7th which has put me into alert mode. I haven't seen these negative energy lines since the end of 2012. In checking recent earthquakes in Australia for this year so far we have had 70 quakes in January ranging between 1.3 and 4.0, then in February we had 78, but in March we had 90 small earthquakes. It may be time to take notice of these subtle forces. Any place you feel stressed and uneasy in, chances are you are experiencing a newly formed volcanic stress line. I live in the caldera of an ancient volcano so it is not surprising that stress lines appear here that are subtly connected to volcanic events world wide. These stress lines will disappear when the earthquake activity declines but for the moment have the awareness that these negative pathways from within the Earth are active and extra care should be taken in everything we do especially when driving through or along one of these 1km wide fault lines.

There have been no alerts since 2012 except to say that Earth Energy is becoming stronger in places where charging fields are present such as mountain tops and Songlines/Leylines and Sacred Sites. However, places where discharging fields are present such as battle fields, massacre sites, places where poisons have been used, garbage burried or the ground has been disturbed by mining and earthworks, the resulting negative vibrations are also getting stronger . Our ability to discern which places feel good or bad is becoming more obvious as we move into hightened awareness of the condition of the planet and evolving consciousness.


Volcanic Stress Lines November 2012 are disapearing from the landscape due to a decrease in Volcanic activity.

Living in the Caldera of the ancient volcano Wollumbin has given me the oportunity to observe a network of volcanic stress lines that have multiplied and intensified particularly throughout August. These stress lines can be over half a kilometer wide and create a counter clockwise discharging field. This doesnt mean that the area around Wollumbin will actually feel a tremour its just a build up of the subtle forces that are a pre curser to physical activity. They seem to be a reflection of earthquake activity that is going on throughout the Australia Pacific area.These stress lines also pulse with vibration. In mid August I found the intensity of the stress lines reaching a peak every 90 seconds like a train of pulses, but in September the pulse rate was over 2 minutes which indicates to me that volcanic activity is subsiding and in October the pulses were over 3 minutes apart. A visit to the Australian Geoscience web site shows just how much recent earthquake activity there is in both Australia and the Pacific region. The table below shows the earthquakes recorded in Australia by Geoscience Australia for this year. Below right is my map of stress lines that I have observed centered on the Wollumbin Mt Warning ancient volcano that were active during August and September 2012.

I believe that these subtle energy stress lines observed by dowsers are also felt by birds and animals who have the ability to respond to these subtle fields. Observers often note that before an earthquake the birds in the forest go absolutely quiet and animals move to safer locations while pets seem unduly agitated and stressed. Scientists say they can not predict an earthquake and we know their instruments are not as sensitive as our own nervous systems provided we can interpret our own body language and act upon our intuition and inner guidance just as birds and animals do.

Month 2012 Recorded Earthquakes Intensity
October 26 1.7 to 3.5
September 56 1.4 to 3.5
71 1.8 to 2.8
July 53 1.6 to 3.5
June 43 1.6 to 5.4
May 31 1.8 to 4.2
April 50 1.7 to 3.6
March 63 1.3 to 5.7
Feburary 41 1.6 to 3.3


39 1.0 to 3.4



January 2012

There are No Alerts at Present however I have observed that Songlines (since November 2011) have been expanding, nearly doubling their width in most cases.This means they are conducting more energy and are becoming more intense. Similarly places that are out of balance are becoming more intense too. Sooner or later we will have to address any unresolved conflicts that are locked in the landscape whether it be from past human traumas, pollutants or issues resulting from mining the Earth. This increase in intensity will bring these issues to our attention as the flowering of consciousness unfolds.

11 January 2011

Today the power returned to the mountain. The pattern of energy which is the mountain's energy signature is once again a charging field. Apart from the deluge of rain and the flushing of the streams which flow from the mountain the real significance of the return of the mountain's energy field is that consciousness has changed. People have had a mind shift. The floods from North Queensland through to Tasmania have disrupted the prevailing mind set and has triggered a more altruistic outlook. This new perception is the opposite of selfishness, a more humanitarian view of the world. People have discovered that life is more precious than posessions. Feelings of compassion and empathy are being manifested through people helping and supporting one another, sharing resources, making new friends, accepting help from strangers and the breaking down of barriers between people of different backgrounds. The floods have created a situation where many are faced with living on the edge, totally out of their comfort zones. All this loss of property and posessions is rather stressful for those who may have trouble letting go of their attachment to the physical side of life but what a boost to the spirit. It is this shift in the way we percieve the world and ourselves that has caused the mountain's energy field to re establish itself. In some instances employees are working for no pay to help the boss get the business cleaned up and running again, while neighbors who were once strangers are now all helping eachother. Why is it that we have to face an extreem adversity before we embrace a more humanitarian outlook? It has also been heartening to see women in controll of the situation [ the PM, & Premiers of QLD & NSW] with compassion and leadership together. It is a sign of the times when the top positions of our chiefs and commanders are base on real skills and abilities which are not gender preferenced.

Because the Songlines interconnect throughout Australia like a huge matrix or web it can be seen how a softening of the heart and a change in attitude hence consciousness can be reflected in the return of power or positive energy to the holy and sacred places such as Wollumbin mountain. It will be interesting to see just how long this new awareness and compassion for all is maintained. Hopefully we won't be needing another wake up event but if we fall back to our old selfish patterns where the collective consciousness does not synchronise with the consciousness of our living planet then we can expect another push to bring us around to value all life everywhere in its diversity of forms.

December 2010

The energy field of Mt Warning has been discharging since January 2009 and I have reached the conclusion that the mountain is dying. Crystal core mountains should be in a permanent state of charge. Songlines around the Caldera seem to be functioning but randomly occurring volcanic lines are appearing and disappearing indicating seismic activity in our seemingly stable countryside. The mountain is not discharging through the Songlines but through the many creeks that flow down its slopes. Eventually aquatic life in our streams will be threatened. A sure sign that this is occurring will be seen in fish kills but by the time this happens the mountain could be dead energetically. It will of course always look like Mt Warning physically but energetically it would no longer be holy ground and would no longer have its unique vibrations. The state of the mountain is a reflection of the consciousness of all the other life forms around it. We humans have polluted the soil the water and the air in a physical sense and our fear, greed and other negative emotions are so powerfully projected by our minds that the mountain is reflecting that activity in its behaviour. As the mountain energy weakens there will be more negative energy expressed by people. The only way to bring the mountain back would be for us humans to change our ways by being more loving, tolerant, happy and forgiving and above all give up our collective unconscious fear that climate change may well be the apocalypse after all. Positivity and a high vibration is what we need to project in order to restore balance which can be seen in nature if we can find the time to stop and look around us. For more thoughts on this subject go to Beyond 2012.

March 2009

At present I have discovered numerous geological fault lines coming and going in all directions around the mountain Wollumbin. These negative energy lines are 1km to 2km wide. Their presence indicates that volcanic disturbances are active and are a pre curser to physical detection. Therefore people need to be alert while driving a vehicle anywhere in the Tweed area as these stress zones will trigger lapses in concentration. A person can feel as if they are ungrounded and not quite with it. With this in mind I trust that if you feel a little unbalanced, vague and fatigued then don't drive until you do some grounding exercised to get fully back into your physical body. These geological energy lines are geopathic stress zones so any or all of the symptoms listed on the Geopathic Stress page could be evident.

January 2009

On the 12th January 2009 our mountain Wollumbin lost its power. This is an Aboriginal way of describing what is occurring. Using my own terminology Wollumbin's energy field has reversed its polarity. That is to say that like all crystal mountains Wollumbin should be accumulating energy from its surrounding landscape and so should be exhibiting a clockwise spinning charging field. With this polarity reversal the mountain's energy field is now discharging and spinning counter clockwise. This means that instead of accumulating energy it is loosing or shedding energy. It is my belief that this energy or Chi is being siphoned off to be used somewhere else on the planet. I also believe that these times of energy collapse indicate that an update or new programme in consciousness is being prepared for download into our world. This is the 7th time since 2004 that the mountain has lost its power. The energy signature of Wollumbin is also discharging which means that all the previously discharging places such as massacre sites and geopathic zones will now be extra dark and disturbed. These disturbed places should be more easily recognised for what they are during these conditions but the question remains, will we wake up from our complacency and realise that the earth is moving into a higher more spiritual frequency and that we need to follow suit. Can't we realise that the Earth is counter balancing our wars through volcanic activity and climate change is a response to find equilibrium. What ever befalls us is not an act of God but a consequence of our actions on the physical, our thoughts on the mental, and our emotions, fear, anger and greed.

April 2007

Saturday 14th April 2007. Power returns to the sacred mountain, Wollumbin. The energy field of the mountain has been restored to its traditional Charging Field. Since March 1st until April 14th we have been subjected to a discharging vibration throughout our local landscape which has induced us to look more deeply within ourselves, withdrawing from the 3D outer world of manifestation to some extent which enables us to recieve another wave of the 'new' awareness of who we are and to re examine what we collectively are doing to ourselves and our beautiful planet. Another installment of the new programme for the Earth and human awareness has been successfully put in place. With our upgraded awareness it will be easier for us to see through the illusions and deceptions perpetrated upon us through the fear based decisions and manipulations of politicans and corporations.

With the return of the charging field of the mountain we can now feel more confident in our outward determination to make changes in our lives, now that we have come out of this latest period of introspection.

March 2007

Thursday March 1st 2007 a thunderstorm in the evening approached Wollumbin from the West with multiple lightning strikes. The next morning I noticed that the mountain had lost its charging field. The energy pattern projected from the ancient volcano is still present throughout the landscape however its polarity has reversed to a discharging field which means that the mountain is now in a state of discharge. It is as if its cosmic circuit breaker has been tripped. This means that the mountain is loosing or discharging its energy field into the surrounding landscape, the opposite of its normal state where it should be accumulating energy. This indicates to me that we are in the process once again of being downloaded with another update of information or to put it another way we are being reprogrammed in much the same way as a computer is updated with newer software versions. It seems to me that in order for a new program to run through the consciousness of the planet and its inhabitants the old program must be erased so I am looking at this event as being a good thing which indicates that change is in the process of unfolding. It is time to address any areas of your life which are out of step with the Earth's need to ascend to a higher frequency. In order to have an easy passage through these times we need to be open hearted by practicing love and compassion through selfless service to others beyond our immediate family and to mother Earth and all her life forms.

November 2006

17/11/06 At 3am this morning 2 waves of volcanic tremors came through the Caldera so if you are sensitive to Earth vibrations dont dismiss it as imagination because very few people will be aware of what is going on as the vibrations are still very subtle.

10/11/06 as of today the mountain Wollumbin has begun singing again and its power is restored and the energy signature of Bundjalung country is evident everywhere throughout the landscape.

September 2006

Wollumbin's energy field has collapsed after a lightning storm in the afternoon of the 28/09/06.
A more disconcerting aspect of it is that the polarity of the energy field has reversed from the usual charging field exhibited by this crystal mountain to a discharging field. This means that instead of attracting energy to itself the mountain is loosing energy or as Aboriginal people would say the mountain has lost its power. Where will our inspiration come from now if we are not being supported by the mountains song? It seems to me that we have entered a time of testing our balance and inner guidance. Can we keep to our spiritual path and address the world from our hearts or will our emotions take over and lead us into trouble? Keep smiling no matter what happens as less than loving forces may try and throw you off balance. Unbalanced people are more likely to do more crazy things as Wollumbin's energy field of influence which is Bundjalung country itself has now become a stress field.

People are attracted to this mountain so they can work with spirit on the inner levels whether they are conscious of it or not. It is not a place that is particularly conducive to outer world or materialistic objectives.

July 2004

In July 2004 I first noticed that the energy pattern of the mountain had disappeared. Rather alarmed I went to ask an Aboriginal Elder what he thought was going on. In his terms the mountain had lost its power. Very few people would have noticed except a clairvoyant friend of mine and the Aboriginal people of course. Then a remarkable thing happened during the closing stages of the Wollumbin Festival on the 24th of October. The 3 day gathering had brought together Aboriginal people with the Rainbow tribe [ spiritual seekers from all the other nations of the Earth] and together we had been sharing the festival activities through song dance and music and behold on the evening of the 3rd day the energy and the pattern returned to the mountain. I don't believe in coincidences and all this was confirmed by the Aboriginal people that were present. I should mention that the festival is held in close proximity to the mountain with a spectacular view from the site.

November 2004

Then by the 2nd of November 2004 [only a week later] the mountains energy field collapsed again. It stayed in this state for months and the following June we went to the first Dreaming festival at Woodford. This area is powered up by the Glasshouse mountains with a similar checkerboard pattern but of different dimensions to that of Wollumbin. This festival in Dungidau country brings together indigenous people from all over Australia and the Pacific Islands so we can listen and learn from these ancient cultures the values that white society has largely discarded. At the close of each day I would map out the energy lines and look into the energy field created on the dance ground. It was truly remarkable the amount of energy the dancers could build up, but that's what's its all about anyway. Its all about creating energy that the Earth and the spirits can use like a sort of food and the entertainment side of it is of secondary importance. By the time the closing ceremony was underway we knew that a powerful energy line was heading South back towards Wollumbin, so by the time I arrived back home I found that Wollumbin's energy field had been restored and the familiar pattern was all around once again.

Nearly 9 months later in early July 2005 we had much heavy rain and flooding and once again the mountain lost its power but it came back in early September 2005 then collapsed again on 27th September 2005 after a huge and spectacular lightning storm on the mountain. I went overseas for 3 months and when I returned in February 2006 Wollumbin's energy field had been restored.

The mountain has been powered up for most of 2006 however on the 27th September after another thunderstorm it dropped out for the 5th time now since 2004.

Information from spirit indicates that 7 shifts have to take place within this round of re programming for the planet. Well its not really re programming for the planet but has more to do with a new programme for we humans. A new grid or energy system is coming in. Its a good thing because this shift in vibration is causing people to unconsciously face their inner issues. We are being challenged by Mother Earth to make changes within ourselves because if we don't change through our own efforts then change will be forced upon us through natural catastrophes.

Another way I can explain what is happening is to say that the system is like a huge organic computer where the software is consciousness. In order that a new program for the planet is to take effect the old programme for the mountain is shut down hence the collapse of the energy field and the organic computer is restarted so the new program can take effect. Because Wollumbin is the first place in Australia to receive the sun each day and all the cosmic energy's that comes with it I believe that any new program for the Earth will affect the consciousness of the people living in this 'Rainbow Region' and we will be amongst the first people to lead through example the changes that are upon us.

To review these energy shifts to date;

  1. July 2004
  2. November 2004
  3. July 2005
  4. September 2005
  5. September 2006
  6. March 2007
  7. January 2009

Please be aware that Wollumbin has been radiating volcanic fault lines in random directions continuously now for over 12 months now and will probably continue to do so as volcanic activity increases around the planet. Most affected are the high speed roads and motorways approaching the Queensland border from the South. This is because where speed is involved we respond poorly when our nervous systems are overloaded whilst in these stress zones. These fault lines can be up to 1km wide and can appear at any time. They can be dissolved but I have found it to be a full time job locating them and clearing them and I am not able to keep up. These fault lines do not show up as volcanic activity as measured by Geocsience Australia but sensitive people will be able to feel the earth trembling which feels like a motor running inside yourself for up to 30 seconds. It is interesting to note that in Australia we have small earthquakes occurring somewhere nearly every day.

I always thought that Australia was a land of extinct volcanoes but today they have been re-classified as dormant.

This crash zone sign is situated on the national highway between Noosa and Gympie on the Sunshine coast of Queensland. Take heed because this area is seriously geopathically stressed. There are many similar signs and every one of them that I have encountered is marking a stress zone. Sometimes the sign appears before the stress zone and some occur after you have entered the stress zone. I doubt that a dowser alerted the RTA to the geopathic stress at these places but the signs have been placed in response to accident stastics. I suggest these areas are like entering the Bermuda triangle where something intangible interferes with the electrics of the brain causing various degrees of dysfunction so it is more difficult to avoid day dreaming and distractions..

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