Mt Warning is one of Australia's most sacred and spiritually significant mountains. It is situated at Latitude 28 23 58 S, Longitude 153 16 14 E, on the East coast of the continent with it's summit reaching 1050 metres above sea level and is considered to be the first place in Australia to recieve energy from the Sun each day. Captain James Cook named this mountain Mt Warning in 1770 when his ship 'Endeavour' encountered reefs off the coast while viewing this sacred Aboriginal icon.

The red dot is Wollumbin

Esoterically Mt Warning is a place where numerous Earth energy lines converge and is a major hub within the Earth's energy grid. These Earth energy lines are known by different names in different cultures but are all one in the same. Ley lines, Songlines, Dreaming Tracks, Dragon Lines and Serpent Paths are all describing the Earth's energy grid. Within the dimensions of spirit there are representatives from all the cultures that have ever inhabited the Earth as well as those from the star systems of our galaxy and beyond. It is not uncommon for people to see UFO's around the mountain or to encounter the mysterious hairy people known as Yowies.


I have lived in the shaddow of this mountain for over 30 years and have been shown things about our world that I find difficult to explain in terms that others can understand. Theres a lot more going on that eludes our 5 senses and Dowsing has been a great tool for discovery and understanding.

However there are concerns that this sacred site is being desecrated by the sightseers some 80,000 of them each year who climb to the summit to look at the view. Most people are unaware that their mental and emotional baggage of various fears and anxieties are projected upon the web of Songlines or Leylines which intersect at this sacred site. Love is the only vibration that this place should be exposed to. Those that do not recognise or understand the spiritual significance of the place need re educating and healing before approaching such a holy place.

Like all crystal mountains Wollumbin is charged up by a clockwise spinning energy field which I call a charging field. One first encounters this force field just inside the forest after leaving the car park. I myself have not been to the summit since Harmonic Convergence back in 1987 and on that occasion I was in bare feet in the pouring rain. From that day on I realised the sacredness of the place and have been trying to help others understand that there are places that we should not go until we have purified ourselves by overcoming any unloving thoughts and fears. When I was on the Inca road in Peru I noticed that the temples had up to 12 stone baths going up the hill between the village and the temple which enabled purification rituals to take place. Most people today have no respect for anything sacred but I would hope this is just ignorance expressing itself for the moment and that people will respond to the wake up call that the planet has been giving out since the first atomic test. Isn't it obvious that we are on the road to our own destruction. How long can greed and ignorance prevail?

To Aboriginal people everywhere Wollumbin is the most significant holy site on the East coast of Australia. As Uncle Eric Walker said during the 2002 Wollumbin Festival it is the place where the Aboriginal Holy Men went to receive the word of God so they could teach those Laws to the people. It is no different to the Biblical account of Moses on Mt Sinai receiving the 10 commandments. These laws are universal truths that are relevant to all cultures in any generation.

What we need to look at today is how does one look after a holy mountain and what does ‘holy' mean anyway. Having spent many days dowsing ‘holy' places in many parts of the world I have been shown that all such places have a particular vibration which is unique to that place. This vibration is a strong Theta or Alpha brainwave entrainment field. This means that at certain places it is more conducive to slip into an altered state of consciousness, lucid dreaming, a trance state, communicating with the spirit world, channeling and other psychic phenomena. There is an accompanying feeling of ‘light headiness' and a ‘spaced out' feeling, which makes us feel a little less grounded in the physical world. The frequency of these vibrations also can affect the forms of objects in proximity. Frequency affects form and form affects frequency. This is a fundamental principle of tuned circuits in radio theory but in nature the same law applies. If we change the forms within our landscape we unknowingly change the frequency of the tuned circuit. In nature if the tuning goes out of resonance into dissonance then illness will follow. The life cycle of the insects goes out of balance and soon they become a pest, trees grown in woodlots are not the same as those in native forests, water courses exposed to the Sun pick up airborne pollutants and the water changes its vibration. Everything we do affects everything else in the circle of life. Land clearing, bush rock removal, fires, chemicals, mining and moving earth from one place to another are all examples of activities that will change the vibrations, the tuning or natural frequency of a place. There comes a time when the land cannot support healthy trees, birds, insects, animals and even humans. We have all tried to regenerate plants on desecrated land and it is very difficult when the tuned circuit is out of resonance. Survival rates are low and it takes constant energy in one form or another to redress the imbalance. When the tuned circuit of nature is brought into resonance it is no longer necessary to apply additional energy from an outside source. Everything grows and flourishes by itself.

In reference to Wollumbin, which is a huge tuned circuit with lots of smaller circuits within its field of resonance, all combining and inter-linked, land clearing is perhaps the single most destructive activity, which is changing the vibrations of the mountain. Mt Warning National Park is not Wollumbin but only a small part of it. Wollumbin encompasses the whole Caldera. So activities on private property are as critical as those in National Parks as far as Wollumbin is concerned. So whatever is going on in the villages and towns around the Tweed Caldera is also affecting the vibrations upon the mountain.

Wollumbin is in the centre of this satelite image