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About this Site

The information displayed on this site has been compiled from 27 years of my personal experiences as a Dowser. My intention is to share this experience based knowledge with others who are similarly engaged in exploring the unseen realms that exist within the mundane world. Apart from attending dowsing workshops back in 1987 I have traveled the way of a Dowser on my own, with guidance only from spirit. I have learnt that it is only through your own personal listening that the unseen is revealed. Humility, integrity and truth are imperative at all times. True knowledge can not be passed from one individual to another, nor gained from books. It must be experienced personally. If you find the information presented here is contrary to your own beliefs please realise that this is my truth and perception of things. No one is able to see the whole picture. We each perceive a fragment of the whole according to a filtering process that is governed by our conditioning, the society in which we live and our life experiences. Spirit is always there waiting for us to listen and is not interested in your ethnic background or worldly status, only vibration. Your mind is the only thing that gets in the way. It is what we aspire to become that pulls us into our future and not where we have been in the past that gets us to where we are today so there is always potential for change.

Wollumbin is the name of a dormant volcanic plug located on the NSW side of the QLD border at Lat 28 23 58 Long 153 16 14. Apart from being the icon of the region its summit is the first place in Australia to receive the sun's light and other energy's each day and the moon at night. It is a place of power and is considered to be holy ground to everyone who understands the spiritual significance of the place.

Stress in the environment is known as Geopathic stress and is a contributing factor in all forms of chronic ill health. Stressed land will not cause illness but it is an extra burden of stress on top of the everyday stress which accumulates from our 21st century lifestyles. If we live our lives by the clock, running here and there trying to fit too many activities into each day, commitments to our employers, family obligations, financial burdens, concerns about the state of the world and global warming then we already have taken on considerable stress levels already, then when you get home and your home is stressed too it all becomes too much. Family relationships are stretched to the limit. In neighbourhoods where geopathic stress is prevalent we find higher incidence of domestic violence and crime rates are higher too. Also road accidents occur frequently in stress zones.

Land developers have some bad habits like filling in natural water courses and diverting creeks into drains then cutting and filling the landscape to level off the ground for the housing estate often burying garbage and pollutants in the process. The whole area is then landscaped so a prospective buyer only sees only what's above the ground not what's been hidden underneath. The surface water from that creek may now be going through the concrete channel but at deeper levels in the ground the creek still exists and can cause the house built on top of it to become geopathically stressed.

People are unaware that it is detrimental to your health to sleep on top of underground water no matter how small the flow and that the radiations from underground water is one of the most common causes of geopathic stress.

Geopathic stress is also created by mine shafts and tunnels and I have found that whole towns can be stressed because of the labyrinth of tunnels underneath suburban areas. For people that have lived or were brought up in such a town it may seem normal to them but travelers passing through will say 'that's a strange town, I wonder what's going on there, I felt so lethargic and uninspired I was glad to get out of the place'.

In Australia particularly we also have stress zones created by the massacre and displacement of Aboriginal people and here again our past has a detrimental effect on those living near such places today and it is much more prevalent than most people realise.

In country Australia our uninformed and careless approach to farm and agricultural chemicals has also left us with geopathically stressed areas where persistent chemicals like DDT, Arsenic and the phenoxy herbicides 24D and 245T have been extensively used.

Along the North coast of NSW sand mining was a huge activity in the 60's and 70's, particularly around the separation plants where they extracted the radio active rare minerals from the sand. The legacy of this activity has also left many coastal areas severely geopathically stressed.

When moving into a previously occupied house you would never know what sort of activities the previous inhabitants were engaged in. Psychic residues are left behind from incidents where violence, child abuse, trauma of any kind where pain and suffering were involved.

Sometimes the previous owner may have been so attached to the place that even after death the owner is still roaming around the house perhaps not realising his changed circumstances. Hauntings do exist and it takes a caring and experienced dowser to put things right and psychically clean the house.

There are also many Aboriginal sites that have been lost in time and houses built too close to them. Because of their strong attachment to the land Aboriginal people after death stay in close proximity to their homelands and sacred sites often defending them from the spirit world. These spirits can cause a lot of problems for people living too close to their special places.

Electromagnetic stress is also a growing issue these days as is the cover up. In Australia the standard for continuous exposure to 50 Hz electromagnetic fields in the home is set at 1000mg whereas in Europe the standard is around 3mg. The alarm in my American made EMF detection meter is set at 2mg. It is most important that beds are not exposed to electromagnetic fields [EMF's] and be aware that walls are not a barrier to EMF's. Electric blankets, water beds, bedside appliances and wires in the wall should be checked for radiation fields that may affect the bed. Electrical fixtures in the ceiling of a ground story room may also affect a bed upstairs. Then there's the EMF's created by computers and household appliances which are also hazardous but exposure times are considerably less than our sleeping hours. Basically you don't want to be sleeping in the presence of any electromagnetic fields as they will affect your quality of sleep.

Is Your House Making You Sick?

Because the source of Geopathic vibrations are hidden from view and are outside the range of our 5 senses it is advantageous to call on an experienced Dowser to map out the energy fields around your house and find solutions to any seemingly mysterious problems. The ideal strategy of course is to locate these stress zones before you build or buy the house, farm, shop or business and so avoid later problems.

Firstly I can identify and map out all the beneficial and harmful energy zones and pathways around your home or business premises. Then moving inside I can map out and follow these pathways suggesting a suitable re-arrangement of furniture or beds to avoid problem areas. I can also check for levels of electromagnetic radiation with a magnetic field strength meter. If Songlines are present I can follow them around your property locating any Aboriginal sites and other places of interest. If underground water is present I can map its pathways.

Peter has 20 years of Dowsing experience. He has traveled extensively mapping the energy fields of sacred sites and temples across the planet. Places such as Stonehenge, Carnac, the Pyramids & Temples of Egypt , Machu Pichu & the Inca Temples and Pyramids of Peru, the Nazca Petraglyphs, Angkor Wat, The temples of India and Asia , The battlefields of Gallipoli and the Killing Fields of Cambodia. He has also assisted Aboriginal people in relocating lost sacred sites and artifacts.

Phone PETE SYMONS on 02 66797039

MY RATES are $50 per hour with an additional traveling fee which is negotiable depending on distance. I find that a house or business can be mapped within about 2 hours while a survey of a larger property following Songlines may take 4 hours or more.