Geopathic Stress & Sick Building Syndrome

By far the most prevalent form of Geopathic stress comes from moving underground water. It is not the water itself that is the problem it is the ‘electrical discharge' created by its movement. Because we spend up to 1/3 of our lives asleep it is important not to position your bed over an underground stream. The counter-clockwise spin from the water will discharge your personal energy system so that you will not feel ‘recharged' after sleeping. A child's emotional behavior may be the result of the unfortunate positioning of the bed. A common term heard these days is that of a ‘cancer bed'. It has been shown that when multiple underground streams cross under a bed the intensity of the resulting discharging field can adversely affect the health of the long-term occupier. Because these radiations are not bound by the confines of our 3 dimensional reality the water veins can be detected in the same place on each floor of a multistory building.

If your business is within a stressed area it is probably experiencing problems. People won't like the ‘vibes,' which makes it difficult to attract customers and staff relationships will be unduly stressed. I have found that increased theft occurs in shops where there is underground water present. A cash register should not be placed over underground water as mistakes happen more readily and energy in the form of money tends to go down the drain with the water. A house or land that is stressed is also harder to sell. To a prospective buyer it may look OK but it doesn't feel right and transactions can be drawn out for no apparent reason. The source of the problem may not be on your property but could be emanating from a nearby quarry for instance.

Stress zone symptoms include;

  • Weariness, fatigue and depression.
  • Erratic temperament, most noticeable in children
  • Relationship problems.
  • Restless sleep, propensity to nightmares.
  • Heaviness of body and mind while the spirit cannot find inspiration and joy.
  • Weakened immune response.
  • Persistent aches and pains.
  • Vibrational [Homeopathic] medicines do not appear to work.
  • Treatments such as Bowen and Kinesiology do not hold.
  • Plans and aspirations do not work out.
  • Recovery time from injury and illness is slower than it should be.
  • ‘Spooky' feelings and fear for no apparent reason.
  • Uneasy atmosphere about the house.
  • Difficulty conceiving and difficult pregnancy
  • Severe cases include headaches, nausea and dizziness, increased incidence of domestic violence.
  • Fruit trees and crops are slow to mature with poor yields and are more prone to insect attack.

Cats are attracted to these zones while dogs avoid them. To date there are no scientific instruments that can detect these subtle energies. This is why the art of Dowsing is employed to locate these harmful and disturbing energy fields.

Sources of Geopathic stress include;

  • Vibrations due to friction from the movement of underground water through rock strata.
  • Vibrations from Geological Faults and fractures.
  • All underground caves, tunnels and mines.
  • Battle fields, Massacre sites , burial grounds and virtually any place where a traumatic emotional event has occurred.
  • Landfill sites where materials have been buried such as metal objects, garbage and pollutants.
  • Roads, railway-tracks, power lines, pipes, cables, switch--boards, TV's and computers or anything that radiates an electromagnetic field.
  • Cell phone towers, cordless phones, mobile phones and household modems.
  • Ionizing radiation from Radioactive contaminated soil..

My clients fall into 2 groups. One group may already have an illness or a relationship problem and no amount of medication or treatment seems to be fixing the problem, so now they are considering the possibility that there is something not quite right with their house and surrounds. People with arthritis for instance know that certain places around the house can exacerbate their condition. Others may feel that there is something causing the kids to always be behaving badly or are always getting sick but can not find an obvious source of the problem. The other group of clients are already aware of ‘the sick building syndrome' and will ask me to survey a house and property , prior to purchase or moving in while others want some help in locating the best possible site for their new home, a site that is free from any form of Geopathic Stress.

Underground water creates the most common geopathic stress field on the North coast. Remedial measures in this case would be to move the bed or couch off the offending water vein but in places on the coast where ionizing radiation comes from decaying Thorium then whole urban areas can be Geopathically Stressed and so are not places of harmony and well being. Landfill sites create stress zones as do places where poisons were applied or stored and geological fault lines can also be a problem around the Tweed Caldera..


Sick Building Syndrome is a term used these days to describe a building that is geopathically stressed.

The gray lines on this house plan show the movement of underground water. Where the water veins intersect the resulting discharging field is particularly strong. If a metal object like a refrigerator or a space heater is sitting on top of an intersection the noxious radiation field from the water is amplified and has the effect of spreading the discharging field over a larger area than the water vein itself which may only be 300mm wide. So standing next to the refrigerator you can feel quite weak and exhausted even though you are not directly standing on top of the water vein.

Rearranging beds and sofas etc to avoid sitting or sleeping over underground water is essential for the long term health and prosperity of the occupants. However houses afflicted like this one soon become rental properties as the owners find that they have difficulty living there long term even though they may not be aware of the geopathic stress created by all the water underneath them. When the summer rains come this particular house is surrounded by swampy ground. It is situated in a natural gully which also drains surface water from higher ground on either side.

There are areas in every housing development where geopathic stress is prevalent and planners need to realise that these areas should not be built upon but left as open space. The above house is suffering from 'sick building syndrome' and the lives of the occupants became stagnant both financially and energetically with emotions running high.

If previous tenants or owners had some traumatic events take place or had suffered a long illness in the house it is likely that an imprint of those events has been left behind which will make the house or a particular room feel uncomfortable to the point where it becomes uninhabitable.

Sick Land will give rise to sick people

What we must come to terms with is the fact that an unhealthy environment will give rise to unhealthy people. This is most evident with those people with Post Viral Syndrome or Chronic Fatigue. People with these maladies know they can not live on unhealthy land as their condition is exacerbated. They may not realise that we are part of the tuned circuit of nature and that we and nature mutually exchange energy. Chemicals once used in sufficient quantities can embed their vibrations into the landscape, not just for a few years but possibly for generations. I have been able to find through dowsing noxious areas where agricultural chemicals were once stored 50 years ago as their vibrations are still in that same place today. Now if the chemical shed was demolished you go and build a house on that same spot where the chemicals were stored 50 years ago even though no trace of them can be found the vibrations persist and you are still getting a homeopathic dose. Biocide residues always create a discharging energy field and are another common form of Geopathic stress. Similarly you would not want to build a house on the site of a former orchard for similar reasons.

Highway Fatigue and Crash Zones

This crash zone sign is situated on the national highway between Noosa and Gympie on the Sunshine coast of Queensland. Take heed because this area is seriously geopathically stressed. There are many similar signs and every one of them that I have encountered is marking a stress zone. Sometimes the sign appears before the stress zone and some occur after you have entered the stress zone. I doubt that a dowser alerted the RTA to the geopathic stress at these places but the signs have been placed in response to accident stastics. I suggest these areas are like entering the Bermuda triangle where something intangible interferes with the electrics of the brain causing various degrees of dysfunction so it is more difficult to avoid day dreaming or a domestic argument.
The Northern turnoff to Noosa is in this zone as is the town of Pomona.

When entering these stress zones I try and be on alert knowing that unexpected things can happen. I'm on the motorway in the left most lane and a vehicle enters from the left, doesn't give way so I have to brake hard to avoid a collision, then without indicating the vehicle crosses into the far right hand lane with all the traffic going 100km/h or faster. At this moment I notice a car in a ditch on the far side of the road with police tape all over it which was just another reminder that I'm in a stress zone so I slow down and keep my distance from other cars.


Gympie is Geopathically stressed but for different reasons. Subterranian gold mining tunnels extend under the town and surrounding farm land creating a labrinth of cavities which creates a pattern of discharging energy that can be easily detected above the ground with rods or a pendulum.This energy pattern looks like a checkerboard of negative discharging squares measuring 2 metres on each side. If you feel drained or uneasy, troubled or angry just take a step or two in another direction and position yourself off one of the discharging squares and into a clear space. I experienced these fatigue effects while at a restaurant in town where I felt like falling asleep at the table so I moved to another table and felt much better.

I stopped a few kilometers North of Gin Gin to examine a stress zone that dowsed into 1metre wide discharging bands feeling very much like another massacre site when I noticed accross the road a memorial to someone who had died in a car crash. It always makes me think that theres more to the picture than meets the eye.

North of Miriam Vale, Bororen is a sad little town which is also severely Geopathically stressed.

Rockhampton is also Geopathically stressed. From the roundabout with the big Bull on the Southern side through to the river. In this area the energy pattern looks like parallel bands, each discharging stripe being about 1.5 metres wide with a clear space before the next band. This area dowses like a typical battle field but because there have been no wars faught in Australia except for the undeclared war on Aboriginal people during the early years of European settlement I feel that these negative vibrations in the landscape are the result of Aboriginal persicution. Once you cross the river to the North side of town the stress zone is not evident.

This Driver Fatigue sign is in North Queensland between Marlborough and Sarina. There are Geopathically stressed zones occurring at multiple locations within this 150km stretch of highway. The widest zone went for 70km, another is 34 km wide while others were between 10km and 20km wide. This zone stops 18km South of Sarina. Clairview although being in this area is not affected by Geopathic stress nor is the Waverly Creek rest area however the towns of Camilla and Ibibie are subject to a 1.5metre square checkerboard pattern of discharging energy. Another sad place is the town of Koumala which is also Geopathically stressed.