The Mechanics of Dowsing

The dowsing reaction is a response to the stimulation of our nervous system from an external stress field such as underground water in the case of discharging fields and also from the charging field influence of the Songlines. The rods, tensioned forked sticks or the pendulum have no energy of their own but it is in the subtle movement of the dowsers wrist and arm muscles which causes the amplified movement of the rods and the rotation of the pendulum.

Forked sticks and wire loops are held in such a manor so as to create a point of unstable equilibrium. The slightest instability causes the instrument to flip either up or down from the ‘at rest' position. The rather awkward grip on the stick or wire loop with the wrists rotated outward puts the dowsers body into a state of tension to begin with so when you walk into a stress zone the extra stress unbalances the already ‘nearly unstable' point of equilibrium. This method of dowsing causes excessive fatigue in the muscle groups associated with the wrists and arms so exhaustion for the dowser becomes an issue.

Rods on the other hand are held loosely under no tension except for the need to keep the wrists in a position where the rods remain horizontal and parallel to one another. From this neutral position the un- noticeable small muscle movements cause the wrists to roll outward causing the rods to swing away from each other when encountering a charging field or when above subterranean water the wrists roll inwards causing the rods to cross each other. Either way it is a subtle neurophysiological response mechanically amplified through the rods, wire loops or sticks.

When using a pendulum, minute muscular tension unperceivable to the eye will cause the wrists to rotate sufficiently so the pendulum departs from its neutral position swing and rotates to the left or right depending on the stress field the dowser has encountered.

Because the whole technique responds to such subtle force it is very easy for the dowsers expectations to influence the outcome. Hence for the need to be ‘out of your mind', a walking meditation, being unattached to any probable outcomes, so avoiding the effect of fooling ones self. This is why doing demonstrations can be tricky because we usually have a vested interest in the outcome.

Another observation is that sometimes there is a time delay between entering the dowsing zone or stress field and the movement of the pendulum or rods. Because of this effect I will often walk back and forth across a particular spot in order to minimize being off centre. This is most noticeable when walking briskly so I will turn around to find that the small stream of say 300mm width is actually one pace behind me and not where my first pendulum response occurred. Occasions may also arise when you get a dowsing reaction before arriving at the boundary of the energy field. These anomalies are easily compensated for with a little experience.

When dowsing from a moving car my dowsing response through the rotating pendulum alerts me when I have entered a stress zone. Sometimes the energy may seem like a continuous band. However when I get out of the car and study the stress field on foot I usually find it is not continuous at all but may be arranged in patterns or bands of energy crossing the road. I can walk back to the spot where the energy field begins so even from a moving car any response delays are not a problem. In fact working from a car has the great advantage of being able to pin point volcanic fault lines which may be up to 1km wide, relatively quickly. The same goes for locating the extremities of a labyrinth of mining tunnels or where lava tubes intersect and pass under the road.

Conventions in Polarity

A quartz crystal exhibits a charging field which is spinning clockwise around its terminated end, drawing energy from its
surroundings and focusing it at the point. The middle of the crystal is neutral and the blunt end exhibits a discharging field which is spinning counterclockwise and is pulling energy away from the crystal. A crystal that is saturated with energy,
has absorbed too much psychic information to the point where it ceases to exhibit its polarity and is like a computer's hard drive that is so full of data that it freezes up and becomes unusable. When this happens we have to erase the
data that has caused the freeze up by putting the crystal in running water as in a creek or in salty water so the salt crystals absorb the energy like a download. Double terminated crystals have a charging field around each end.

This convention in polarity is necessary so you can discern between the charging field of the Songlines and the discharging field of underground water and geopathic stress. A magnet also exhibits similar properties in that around the North Pole a pendulum will spin clockwise and the south pole counterclockwise. Similarly a pyramid has a North Pole charging field around its apex and a South Pole discharging field around its base.

So in the presence of a charging field, rods will open or swing away from each other and a pendulum will spin clockwise as seen from above and if you turn the crystal upside down the discharging field will cause the rods to close or cross one
another and a pendulum will spin counterclockwise.


The Songlines

Life creating energy is commonly known as Chi or Prana and when concentrated and focused it flows in channels or rivers. These rivers of energy are known as Ley Lines in Europe and Songlines, Dreaming Tracks or the path of the Rainbow Serpent by Aboriginal people. These lines are the planetary version of the Acupuncture meridians, which flow around the human body occasionally taking an inner path to nourish the organs. Similarly the Songlines take an inner path via quartz, gemstone and mineral deposits as these are the organs of the planet. The Songlines crisscross the countryside and exhibit a clockwise energy spin. Places where these energy lines converge are revered by indigenous people everywhere as holy because the concentration of Chi or Prana allows us to vibrate at a higher frequency and communicate more easily with beings from other dimensions. Heaven and Earth come together at these places. Mines and quarries that intersect a Songline can disrupt the natural flow of this energy.

The problem with living on top of such a place is that there is a lot of spirit activity and there are times when they need to be left alone and will cause disruptions to the lives of Earthly people living too close. We humans also have some undesirable habits like unloving thoughts and emotions as well as our electromagnetic and chemical pollution, which can directly interfere with the energy at these holy places. Such places are more ideally suited for a temple, a hospital or an educational facility as the high frequency clockwise spinning vibrations enhance inspiration and healing.

The dimensions

A few years before I started dowsing I did a 3 day course in psychic development or to put it another way discovering how to access and use the other 9/10ths of our minds that have been left dormant and neglected. These other areas of the mind are accessed and used by indigenous people everywhere. When we are predominantly generating alpha brainwave patterns between 7 and 14 Hz we are accessing our other 9/10ths where we know we are connected to every other living thing. It is at this level of mind where rapid eye movement REM occurs as we enter a state of consciousness called lucid dreaming. Aboriginal people are experts at lucid dreaming when they are accessing the Dreamtime, same thing just a different name and they understand that we live in a multi-dimensional universe. The ability to journey in other dimensions is referred to as being clever.

A sacred site is sacred because it is a place where the Songlines converge, quite often also in the presence of underground water. When this occurs the 2 energies intertwine around themselves like a DNA spiral going up into the sky and down into the Earth. You could also say it's like the mating between 2 snakes. One going left or counter clockwise and the other going right or clockwise or one charging and the other discharging. However when I dowse such a place it looks more like concentric circles because if you try and deal with the spiraling motion it gets too confusing. There are usually 7 rings of energy starting with the outermost ring which is always discharging and then the successive rings are charging and discharging alternatively ending up in the centre which is always charging. The number of energy rings ultimately depends on the number of Songlines and water veins converging and their angles to one another will determine the roundness of the circle of energy. These sites are all about energy and are not marked out with a string and peg but are a faithful mapping of the energy emanating from the ground. This energy arrangement is typical of an Aboriginal ceremonial ground where the outermost discharging energy band is seen as a raised earth mound.

The view of all this from the 9/10 th s of the mind we ignore is that of a pillar of light at the sacred site, going up into space and the Songlines can be seen as a web of light paths crisscrossing the planet. The Songlines are also used for navigation by the spirits and ET's who also have access to the dimensions in which the Songlines reside. If we could remember how we arrived at a place in our dreams we would experience travelling the Songlines at the speed of thought. For me, I see the Dreamtime as the Astral world or what the ancients called the Underworld but today we could call it the 4 th dimension and we'd all be talking about the same thing just different terminology. That's a peculiarity about Dowsing. When dowsing in the company of other dowsers I have noticed that we all can identify the same particular energy field but often refer to each aspect in different terminology which can be a bit disconcerting sometimes. We have each come along a different path to this place, picked up information from different teachers, books and experiences and have each adopted an individualistic concept of what we are dowsing. The one thing we all agree on is the more you look into the mysteries of life on this planet the more mysterious and profound it becomes.

There is also the effect that these Earth energies seem to be multi-layered. First there is the broad Songlines that serpentine their way around the countryside and are involved with the maintenance of the planet. These ones intersect at the sacred site, Aboriginal ceremonial places, ancient temples, some cathedrals, Stonehenge etc. Then there is also the radiation field from underground water coming up through the ground too. Above the ground there is another network of Songlines which come and go depending on human activity in the area. These are narrower and can go in straight lines and cross over the Earth maintenance lines without interconnecting with them. Also embedded in the landscape is the psychic trauma energy released during the massacre or soldiers in battle. This is more like an energy blanket over all the contours of the land. When this energy is present I need to switch my mind over to look underneath the blanket so I can find the Songlines and water radiation. If you try and look at everything all at once it will do your head in and you'll end up in chaos. Finally overlaying all the previously mentioned energy networks are the more subtle patterns or energy signatures which once again I have to tune into specifically, ignoring all the other energy systems to avoid confusion. Most places the energy signatures are easy to find but if the gross massacre energy is present that's all you will find as it masks the more subtle patterns.

By itemizing all these energy layers I may have given the impression they are all separate from each other which they are not. They all interact with one another at some level and originate in the 4th dimension. I find it curious that people today largely accept the concept of acupuncture meridians even though they can't be found in the physical body, the 3rd dimension, our physical world but have trouble with the same concept applying to the Songlines which are after all the meridians of the planet. They both exist in the 4 th dimension. ET's have the ability to change their vibration from 3D to 4D at will and so do the Yowies or hairy people who will always elude us because of this ability to pop in and out of our world as if by magic.

We all have 7 chakras or energy centres in our 4 th dimensional bodies and some more besides. This gives us the ability to access at least 7 dimensions where each chakra ascends in frequency and vibrates in sympathy with the dimension from which it isconnected. The great challenge for humanity today is to open up our hearts and allow this Chakra to become fully functional.