Massacres in Northern NSW

One of the most devastating vibrations in Australia today are those left behind from the massacre of Aboriginal people. Massacre sites are embedded with destructive vibrations as the terrifying experience of the victims releases a huge amount of psychic and emotional energy which is absorbed by the earth, rocks and trees. The massacre vibration once embedded in the landscape persists for generations thereafter and can affect the lives of people today. In dowsing massacre sites and battlefields all over the world I have found that they all exhibit a similar energy signature. The energy signature of the Killing Fields of Cambodia I found to be no different from massacre sites back here in Australia. It is as if the event is still in progress, being played out in the spirit world at this very moment like a magnetic tape loop playing over and over again and again. Earth, rocks and timber even after sawing into building materials taken from a massacre site will cause the same sad, grieving vibrations to be transported to the new location. Most of us would not make the connection between a load of soil arriving for a new landscaping project for instance and a change of fortune in ones life. There is no such thing as bad luck or misfortune it is simply a matter of cause and effect. When we live in an environment where a massacre has taken place the most noticeable effect is that our relationships with other people tend to fall apart due to the unseen extra stress. The massacre vibration disturbs our own spirit within which affects our mind and emotions. This then affects how we react to other people. Even if a person was unaware that they are living in a geopathic stress zone created by a massacre, the counter clockwise spinning discharging field that was created when the event took place will still be acting upon their nervous system and would be creating a drain on your personal energy or life force. Your vitality is diminished. A Kinesiologist would find that muscle testing would indicate general muscle weakness and imbalance which is also reflected in the accupunture meridan system. A place that is geopathically stressed due to the presence of toxins or electromagnetic pollution does not have the extra burden created by the presence of the lost and terrified spirits of the dead that in effect haunt the massacre site. The destructive energy field can be felt often up to a kilometer from the site. Oddly though, running water as in an above ground stream can create a boundary beyond which the massacre energy does not go.

The following list of towns and villages on the North Coast of NSW are geopathically stressed today because of the massacre of Aboriginal people that took place within their present boundaries. As the saying goes 'The sins of the fathers will be visited upon their descendants even for several generations and beyond'.

East Ballina from Black Head and encompassing the crown land across the Coast Road including the old Southern Cross School site which has now been redeveloped.

Evans Head on both sides of the Evans River covering almost the entire town.

Lenox Head. Aboriginal people were pushed off the headland cliff. The town itself is unaffected.

Suffolk Park. Northern area to the mouth of Tallow Creek.

Murwillumbah from Myal Creek in the North encompassing almost the entire town.

Kingscliff at the far Northern end going nearly up to Wommin Lake.

Stotts Island Nature Reserve on the Tweed valley Way.

Bray Park opposite the cemetery.

Tyalgum Village from the 11.11shop to the first school building.

Numerous sites off Tyalgum Creek Rd, including Hoggs Rd and Bakers Rd.

Kings Gully , the top of the valley near Dunbible.

Back Ck and Brays Ck area.

Blue Knob Rd Nimbin where the old Lismore Rd intersects Blue Knob Rd.

Mebbin Springs between Kunghur and MT Burrell also known as the Nightcap Village development.

Doon Doon area around Doughboy.

Whiporie is village 50km North of Grafton on the Sumerland Way. A discharging energy field exists for 500m North and South of the roadhouse.

I am committed to preserving places of spiritual significance and at the same time revealing places where atrocities have occurred in order that they can be healed. One of the problems we face in this scenically beautiful part of Australia is that there are so many deeply disturbed places because of all the mass murders that have taken place. In order to heal such a place the spirits of those people that are still trapped in the Astral dimension and caught in the endless loop of the original trauma must be released from the bondage of their ordeal.

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